Who is Ralph Lambiase?

Ralph Lambiase is a thinker, writer, multidisciplinary artist and multi-potentialite/polymath.

Ralph is also a special effects make-up artist, designer, creature creator and owner of The Evocative Workshop, located in Long Island, New York. He is a licensed New York State career school educator in make-up artistry, having been an associate instructor at Make-up Designory in New York City. He is currently authoring his own educational literature and programs for career school students in special effects make-up and allied arts.

In addition to his special effects work, Mr. Lambiase is currently at work with exhibitions, performances and written/recorded works. With a background in industrial design, he has also designed a POW/MIA Memorial on display in Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, New York. He has aided projects of other artists, writers, directors, musicians and talent.

Overall, Ralph rejects conventional tropes of work-role compartmentalization.

"We are more than merely the sum of our parts…"

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