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A Little About Ralph Lambiase:

Ralph Lambiase is a thinker, writer, multidisciplinary artist and polymath.

Ralph is also a special effects make-up artist, designer, creature creator and owner of The Evocative Workshop, located in Long Island, New York. He is a licensed New York State career school educator in make-up artistry, having been an associate instructor at Make-up Designory (A/K/A: MUD) in New York City. While no longer at Make-up Designory, he is currently authoring his own educational literature and programs for career school students in special effects make-up and allied arts.

In addition to his special effects work, his current work includes design, exhibitions, performances and written/recorded works. A few prominent examples of design work include a 12 foot high Granite and Steel POW/MIA Memorial on display in Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, New York. Also, Ralph helped South Bay Concrete Design develop the glass fiber reinforced concrete marquee for the beautiful luxury hotel, Hotel Hendricks, on West 38th Street, NYC.

Over the years, Ralph has aided projects of other notable artists, writers, directors, musicians and talent.

Ralph rejects conventional tropes of work-role compartmentalization.

We are more than merely the sum of our parts…

The Evocative Workshop

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Visit The Evocative Workshop for the best in special effects make-up, creature creation, audio/visual design & direction.

Evocative Pictures

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Are you an actor or working professional looking for great headshots, comp cards or performance videos/reels?

Visit Evocative Pictures to suit all your professional industry portraiture needs.

Threadless Swag Store

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Head over to Ralph's page on to download his graphic design items. From T-shirts to home decor, Ralph has a few items to be print-on-demand.

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